About ESIA
Our Schools Should be Incubators of Innovation

ESIA supports school leaders and teachers in innovating school education.

We are acting as information hub to support and promote EU educational policies in regards to school education, teacher training, school curricula development, assessment of learning outcomes, offering international training activities and providing guidelines, support and qualifications for training providers to design the most effective PD programs for teachers.

Our Expertise

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School Innovation

Our schools should be incubators of exploration and invention.
The European School Innovation Academy (ESIA) wants to bridge the gap and create the right environment that allows for innovations in schools.


Resources, Tools and Activities

ESIA is providing a platform to highlight and promote best practices of innovative ideas. It offers a repository of learning material, educational scenarios, tools, links, etc. stemming from more than 200 EU funded projects.



ESIA activities focus on three main axes:
Axis 1: School Organization
Axis 2: Curriculum Development and Organization
Axis 3: Practical examples and Tools that have been tested


Empowering Teachers

There are no quick fixes in the world of education. Instead, we must support and commit to the laborious task of improving the competences of the teachers. ESIA offers numerous opportunities for teachers to take part in online and offline training workshops and summer schools.


Inquiry Learning

Albeit very effective, teaching science by inquiry constitute a major paradigm shift and is confronted with major challenges: teachers need to acquire new skills, abandon long standing practices and move outside their professional “comfort zone”.
ESIA showcases plenty of practical tools and resources to help you apply Inquiry Learning!


Open Schooling

An Open School enables an environment to inspire, engage, and to connect. It provides a powerful framework to enable open, effective and efficient co‐design, co‐creation, and use of educational content, tools and services for personalized learning and teaching.

ESIA promotes the Open Schooling Culture and offers exhaustive free, open and online resources.


ICT in Education

There are many opportunities arising from digital transformation, the biggest risk today is of a society ill-prepared for the future. If education is to be the backbone of growth and inclusion in the EU, a key task is preparing citizens to make the most of the opportunities and meet the challenges of a fast-moving, globalised and interconnected world.


STEAM Education

STEAM is the idea of incorporating arts into a STEM-based curriculum. In other words, let’s help students think more creatively and better understand the problems they’re already working to solve.

Curriculum Development

Teaching and learning is the prime responsibility of leaders in schools and academies. With greater autonomy and choice underpinning government policy, the leadership of the curriculum and curriculum innovation take on even greater importance.

ESIA actions are supporting the innovation of school curriculum.


The Big Ideas of Science

The “Big Ideas of Science” is a set of cross-cutting scientific concepts describing the world around us and allowing us to conceive the connection between the different natural phenomena. The Big Ideas aim to help students understand the link between the different subject domains
Check out the many ESIA resources related to inter-disciplinary teaching.


Story-Telling in Education

Digital storytelling is an innovate approach to twenty-first century learning. Digital stories derive their power by weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid colour to characters, situations, experiences, and insights.
ESIA provides tested examples of educational story-telling.


Community Building

Teachers are the key in the implementation of innovations in school classrooms. The role of the teacher is changing with every innovation introduced. Therefore, they need to be provided with the necessary training and support framework, that simultaneously address various approaches and offer different solutions to reach and help as many teachers in as many countries as possible.

ESIA has developed the mechanism to create teacher communities.


21st Century Skills

To prepare students for a more complex life and work environment, a 21st-century classroom promotes creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Learn more about 21st Century Skills and ESIA projects.


Citizen Science

Citizen Science projects can facilitate the sharing of knowledge, life-long learning, innovation, and development of solutions (for societal problems); therefore, they have the potential to offer participants a science education, that can be offered to all members of society, and to provide them with an educational, hands-on scientific experience.

Look for ESIA projects in this field.


RRI, Democracy, Inclusion

Science and technology are transformative forces. R&I have improved our world and our lives in many ways, and will most likely continue to do so.
RRI seeks to bring issues related to research and innovation into the open, to anticipate their consequences, and to involve society in discussing how science and technology can help create the kind of world and society we want for generations to come.

ESIA is offering resources and information on how to use RRI in learning settings.


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