InNature kicks off in Warsaw

InNature kicks off in Warsaw

A new innovative project “InNature – Innovation in schools inspired by nature solutions” kicks off in Warsaw on 8-9 of January 2020

Science, technology and engineering are key competences recognised by the European Commission essential respond to the personal fulfilment, health, employability and social inclusion requirements felt today. The low indicators on science on young students, resulting from the OECD PISA 2015 survey, highlight the need to develop knowledge and competences in science. To improve these competences in young students and foment their engagement, the role of the educational staff is essential. Thus, teachers should be provided with new and innovative teaching methodologies and learning forms to respond to the changes in the school context and prepare the students for the future.

The InNature project is linked to biomimicry, an approach that defends that sustainable answers to many problems faced today were already developed by the nature. This approach defines that for many problems solutions could be found through the emulation of the nature patterns. Hence, this project aims to enhance competences and awareness on biomimicry in the School Community, including students

, parents, teachers and directors and Informal Science Education Providers through the development and implementation in classroom of a set activities related to this approach and events, such as a fair about this th

In order to achieve them, InNature foresees the development of the following results:
ematic in schools.

  • IO1 Strategic Plan for biomimicry in schools in Europe: report on the current good practices in the European countries regarding biomimicry in different contexts (Ellinogermaniki Agogi leads this task)
  • IO2 InNature Toolkit – a set of educational activities for teachers to use in classes, will be developed and tested in schools, and complemented by a teacher’s handbook, a guide to allow the independent use of activities in the
  • IO3 InNature Fair –programme to organize the “InNature Fair”, a 3 days event in schools with activities and presentations to enhance the school community and Informal Science Education Providers curiosity on the


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