A New Greek School added to the Network of School Seismographs

A New Greek School added to the Network of School Seismographs

The School Study Earthquakes initiative and the Schools Network Alert Citizens Erasmus+ Project welcome the SAPES Multicultural International School in the Network of School Seismographs!

On Friday, January 31st 2020, Dr. Gerasimos Chouliaras, the Research Director of the Geo-dynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens and coordinator of the Erasmus+ School Networks Alert Citizens (SNAC) Project, visited The Sapes Intercultural Education Gymnasium which participates in the pilot implementation of SNAC.

The purpose of the visit was to install a Raspberry Shake-type school seismograph, which with direct internet access which will be connected to the school seismograph network of SNAC, located mainly in Southeast Europe. The network consists of TC1 and Raspberry Shake seismographs in the following countries: Greece (26), Turkey (7), Cyprus (6), Italy (2), Azores (1), Israel (1), Bulgaria (1).

The full network can be found here: https://snac.gein.noa.gr/project-network/

After completing the installation of the school seismograph, Dr Chouliaras gave a speech for about one hour on the topic “Earthquakes in Greece” to 260 pupils of the Sapes High School in the school’s event hall.

Subsequently, the Seismology professor met with local municipal authorities, during which earthquake issues and the importance of earthquake protection as a social self-management policy were discussed.

SNAC is designed as an overall framework in three stages consisting of three corresponding and complementary elements:

  • Seismology training activities using the SNAC Seismometer Network and the data collected therefrom.
  • Open Schooling
  • Citizen Responsibility

These three separate sections and accompanying educational material are offered as practical reference guides for both partners and teachers so that they can be used as self-instruction manuals or practical training seminars organized by partners in each country. SNAC targets principals, teachers, students, citizens and local authorities.

Stay tuned for updates and upcoming opportunities to take part in this fascinating project and sign up for the ESIA newsletter to stay informed!

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