REINFORCE launches its newly designed website

REINFORCE launches its newly designed website

REINFORCE launches its newly designed website

The REINFORCE project (Research Infrastructures FOR Citizens in Europe) is excited to announce the launch of its new fully-developed website, which will provide a safe hub to showcase engaging insights, the project’s results, the public deliverables, future plans and events related to the project. The website offers a user-friendly browsing experience for the project’s stakeholder community, the partners involved and potential citizen scientists.

New entry point to join the REINFORCE community

The idea of proactive citizen engagement in science is increasingly attracting institutional interest at the European Union level. Encouraging citizens to play an active role in scientific research is paramount not only in the contribution that they can bring to the research, but also in order to fight anti-intellectual beliefs and attitudes within society. REINFORCE aims to engage more than 100,000 citizens with the goal to reinforce the scientific capital of society by making Large Research Infrastructures more familiar and accessible to the general public.

In order to do so, a unique access point for any relevant updates about the project is essential. The REINFORCE website is intended to give a general overview of the work that will be done within the project, to introduce the four Large Scale Citizen Science Projects that will be developed and to give instructions about how to get involved.

Providing an intuitive user experience, the website includes many features to quickly and easily discover citizen science-related information, articles, blogs, events and training activities, in addition to the project’s results. The dissemination of such outputs has two major objectives:

  1. making the knowledge developed throughout the project available to the widest audience, and
  2. enhancing its exploitation potential, having higher numbers of stakeholders involved in the process.

The website not only has an appealing design and smooth architecture, but it also allows users to register on the platform and get in touch with the REINFORCE team. Indeed, REINFORCE considers dissemination not only as a process of making results available but also of actively working to involve relevant audiences. Engagement and collaboration are pursued through the design of a strong flow of interactions between the project and its audiences.

Visit the website here:


REINFORCE aims to create a series of cutting-edge citizen science projects on frontier Physics research, in the domains of Gravitational Wave Astronomy, Neutrino Astronomy, High Energy Physics and the interplay of Cosmic Rays with Geoscience and Archaeology. It will rely on the Zooniverse platform, which is the world’s largest platform for online citizen science, supporting more than 100 projects across the sciences and humanities.

Keywords: Frontier Physics, Citizen Science, Large Research Infrastructures, website, engagement, research

For more information about REINFORCE, or to contact the project, you are invited to write to or engage through a variety of social media channels:

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