Vision-Building Workshop on Citizen Science (21 June 2020, 10h CEST)

Vision-Building Workshop on Citizen Science (21 June 2020, 10h CEST)

  • Can you imagine becoming part of the global effort to detect Gravitational Waves?
  • Or work on cutting-edge research with scientists to understand the nature of our universe?
  • Or contribute to advance the ability of humans to study astronomy?
  • Explore cosmic events with a detector installed deep in the sea?

Citizen Science creates numerous opportunities for all citizens – independent of their location, gender, or education – to be involved in ground-breaking fundamental research. Through citizen science activities, everyone can contribute to the development of new knowledge, even in fields such as Nobel Prize Physics. Increasingly, science teams from Large Research Infrastructures and Frontier Physics experiments start sharing their data and ask for citizens to support the optimization of their detectors to enhance their discovery potential.

But how can citizens support their work? What are citizens most interested in? How can they become involved? How can we design projects and activities that are most engaging for citizens?

Join us for this vision-building workshop in the REINFORCE project to help us design the best possible citizen science projects!

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Together with the team behind REINFORCE you could soon help to:

  • identify “glitches”, noise patterns, that induce dead time in Gravitational Wave Detectors.
  • identify spurious sources of ambient light and sounds deep underwater that create “noise” in deep underwater neutrino detectors.
  • identify signatures of exotic particles in proton collisions at the ATLAS detector of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
  • identify the structure of geological and archaeological structures through the detection of cosmic rays.

Please support our Citizen Science activities by participating also in this study:

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The Vision-Building Workshop on 21 July 2020 (10:00-12:30h CEST) will discuss and showcase citizen science projects in frontier physics. Experts from infrastructures such as CERN, VIRGO/EGO, or KM3NeT will introduce their ideas and look forward to discuss with participants their interest, motivations and ideas to get involved and contribute. 

Stay tuned for updates and upcoming opportunities to take part in this fascinating project and sign up for the ESIA newsletter to stay informed!

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