FIT4FOOD 2030 Webinar 2

FIT4FOOD 2030 Webinar 2: Cities as change agents: building competences for future food systems

03 June 2020 / 11:00 CEST

On Wednesday 03 June at 11:00 (CET) the FOODSHIFT consortium will host a webinar in which the project, platform, and first results will be presented. You can see the recording here!

The aim of the second webinar is to introduce the importance and challenges of local engagement to transform the EU food system. It will give a broad perspective of what cities can do to contribute to a more future-proof food system. The webinar will introduce the concept of City Labs, by presenting the processes developed by FIT4FOOD2030, focused on building the competences required by the various stakeholders/actors for the desired transformation. City Lab coordinators will share their experiences and learnings.

FIT4FOOD2030 has produced a free webinar series titled: “Towards sustainable food systems through Research and Innovation”. The series aims to advocate for responsible research and innovation (RRI) and system thinking for food system transformation. The webinar series targets local, regional and national policy makers, food chain actors, academia, stakeholder/citizen engagement organisations, NGOs, CSOs, and interested public. The goal of this webinar series is to use the FOOD 2030 policy framework and FIT4FOOD2030 project as case studies to using research and innovation (R&I) policy for food system transformation.

Webinar 1: RRI in the food systems (10 March 2020) 

Webinar 2: Cities as change agents: building competences for future food systems (03 June 2020)

Webinar 3: Transforming our food systems: Research and Innovation as an enabler of the Farm to Fork Strategy (09 June 2020)

Webinar 4: RRI in policy making for future-proof food systems (June 2020, TBC)

Dr. Roberta Sonnino – Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, Cardiff University

Cristina Paca – Project Manager, Ecsite – European Network of Science Centres and Museums

Rosina Malagrida – Head of the Living Lab for Health at IrsiCaixa and co-coordinator of the Barcelona “la Caixa” Living Lab

Martina Arabadzhieva – Project Administrator/ Sofia City Lab Coordinator

FoodSHIFT 2030 project
See the recording of the webinar here

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