rAn – Learning activities contest

rAn - Learning activities contest

In rAn’s project, apart from the serious game and the minigames that we are designing, we will create learning sheets with learning activities to do in class. These activities will complement and add value to the learning of natural disasters through the serious game. In total, the consortium will create 10 learning sheets with interactive and fun activities about natural disasters (storms, fires, earthquakes, and floods). These materials will be available for European teachers, to use during their classes.

However, we do not want to waste your talent! Are you a creative teacher with a lot of ideas in mind? Would you like to create your own learning sheets about natural disasters (storms, fires, earthquakes, and floods) and share them with the European teaching community? We invite you to participate in rAn’s project!

You are free to send us your proposal using this template. To participate in the contest please fill in this form and then email us your complete template at guadalupe.greses@fygconsultores.com.The consortium will revise the received proposals and decide the winners. You can win digital badges, an international certification with a written record of your participation in the project, and you will be able to attend and share your achievements in the final conference of the project. The winners will be announced at the end of March-beginning of April.

The main guidelines are:

  • The learning activities must last a learning session (40 minutes maximum).
  • The learning activity must be about one of the natural disasters explained in the game (storms, fires, earthquakes, and floods).
  • You can combine activities from more than one natural disasters from above.
  • Design the learning activity in the template provided, available here.
  • Send your proposal to guadalupe.greses@fygconsultores.com. In the email subject write: rAn Learning Sheet [your name] [your country]
  • The working language of the consortium and the contest is English. In case you are not familiar with English, we will also accept submissions in Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek. No other languages will be accepted.
  • The deadline for submissions is the 14th of March 2021.

We are excited to see what you have to offer!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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