GOSTEAM Summer School 2021

5-9 July 2021

An online  course to learn how to develop exemplary open educational resources and tools specially developed for young learners addressing the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance spatial abilities and foster both success and participation in STEAM disciplines.

Learn how to assist students in using open access educational resources, how to teach them spatial, environmental, and other STEAM concepts, and how to engage them in playful learning in order to boost their interest in STEAM disciplines and careers.

The GOSTEAM Summer School will give the opportunity to teachers and educators participating to exchange with their colleagues, experiences and practices in actual environments inside and outside the classroom regarding cultivating students’ cognitive abilities and skills, such as spatial thinking, problem-solving, and critical thinking, in the interdisciplinary context of environmental literacy and global awareness.

Moreover, teachers and educators can jointly produce hands-on activities in the framework of spatial thinking, as a blending of knowledge and skills, and share them with the educational community.

Ultimately, this online course aims to provide ways for intercultural dialogue on how spatial thinking skills can be enhanced in different European educational practices.

The objectives of the summer school are:

  • To provide participants with knowledge for cultivating students’ spatial skills and organizing activities in and outside the classroom
  • To raise awareness on the importance of enhancing spatial thinking, as well as on the benefits of environmental literacy of students in the shaping of the next generation of spatially and environmentally aware European citizens.
  • To encourage new synergies between schools and academia for the development, implementation, and validation of hands-on activities.

Participating teachers will also be invited to be part of the GOSTEAM community to exchange and share ideas, experiences, concerns and educational resources with colleagues from all over Europe and beyond.

The GOSTEAM Summer School is designed so as to endorse teachers’ synergies in the field of fostering geospatial thinking.

During distinctive sessions presenting a variety of topics, participants will be encouraged to participate in the blending of geospatial activities with the STEAM element in an exceptional example of original interdisciplinarity applied. In the meantime, they will also become familiarized with useful ways, which will allow them to introduce such complex concepts in their class with confidence.

In this 6-day course, participants will be presented a detailed methodology for the design, implementation, and evaluation of educational hands-on STEAM activities for secondary education students, in the fields of Geographic Information Science and Technology, Cartography, and Environmental Science, which will be based on innovative approaches to STEAM, spatial thinking and environmental education, and their integrated cultivation within the curricula. Through mostly hands-on workshops, essential strategies for the development of an innovative learning approach towards effective combination of STEAM and spatial thinking will be introduced.

This website will act as a main hub of communication and for sharing and distributing preparatory material with the participants. Participants will have a common workspace for uploading and downloading educational materials.

Before coming to the summer school, participants will be asked to review some materials relative to the topic of the summer school and the methodologies that will be discussed.

Please find below the support material for the GOSTEAM Summer School Workshops:

  1. Activity Template
  2. Workshop I (Instructions)
  3. Workshop II (Instructions and Data folder)
  4. Workshop III (Data folder)
  5. Workshop IV (Data folder)

As a follow-up to the training course, the participants will be asked to make use of the STEAM activities they worked on during the summer school and share their work.

In the meantime, participants in the GOSTEAM Summer School will become members of the wider GOSTEAM community and they will be interacting with teachers across Europe sharing the same interest. Moreover, they will stay updated with all the news in the field!

Monday 5th of July Tuesday 6th of July Wednesday 7th of July Thursday 8th of July Friday 9th of July
10:00-11:00 (CET) Introducing spatial thinking notions– Connecting spatial thinking to STEAM fields Spatial thinking development Learning to teach spatial – How to develop spatial thinking educational scenarios Workshop III                               Potential landing sites on the Moon and Mars for my rover Presentation of developed scenarios
11:00- 11:15 (CET) Short Break Short Break Short Break Short Break Short Break
11:15-12:30 (CET) Introducing GOSTEAM Project and Community Workshop I                               Earth Observation & Satelite images in your classroom Workshop II                                Ride like the wind: selecting an offshore Wind Farm site Workshop IV                               Solar panel placement on Earth, the Moon and Mars! Presentation of developed scenarios
12:30-13:00 (CET) Designing an educational activity for your class: the GOSTEAM templates & approach Resources and tools for enhancing spatial thinking Resources and tools for enhancing spatial thinking Resources and tools for enhancing spatial thinking Presentation of developed scenarios -Online group photo
13:00- 14:00 (CET) Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
14:00-15:00 (CET) Participants work on their educational scenarios- GOSTEAM team online support Participants work on their educational scenarios- GOSTEAM team online support Participants work on their educational scenarios- GOSTEAM team online support Participants work on their educational scenarios- GOSTEAM team online support Issue Participants’ Certificates

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