Innovation in School Education

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Our schools should be incubators of exploration and invention. They should be accelerators of innovation. They should promote Open Schooling, embrace the endless opportunities of digital technologies. School leaders should set a vision for creating learning experiences that provide the right tools and supports for all learners to thrive. Teachers should be collaborators in learning, seeking new knowledge and constantly acquiring new skills alongside their students. A holistic approach to innovation is needed.

ESIA will facilitate the process with a provision of the ideas, tools, materials, information and training!

Education and training are the best investments in Europe’s future. They play a vital role in boosting growth, innovation and job creation. Europe’s education and training systems need to give people the forward-looking knowledge, skills and competences they need to innovate and prosper. They also have an important role to play in creating a European identity, building on common values and cultures. Education should help empower young people to articulate and engage, participate and shape the future of a Europe characterized by democracy, solidarity and inclusion.

ESIA will capitalize on the immense motivation, dedication and devotion of creative and inspired teachers as well as on the numerous existing innovative and pioneering activities.

Innovation is a Movement
Innovation is not an isolated event; it is a movement. Innovation is the word we use when an idea is so well received that it becomes the new norm. While a single person trying something new, that person might be considered an innovator, but often this practice does not spread throughout an entire system. However, if people rally around that idea, sharing their failures and successes, this is what we could call systematic innovation.

One of the biggest barriers to educational innovation is not the lack of great teachers or even the access to proper tools, it is the isolationist structure and dispersed nature of many schools and school authorities. Even when you have the best teachers coming up with the most original ideas, an innovative idea is very unlikely to spread throughout the organization. The dominoes are too far apart.

ESIA will help creating the right environment to introduce innovation in schools in Europe and beyond!

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