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April 2021


Nikos Zygouritsas

Months duration
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Design, create, teach and train: A smart ecosystem to support teachers in designing and creating pedagogically sound digital lessons and resources


Teachers as creators of their own digital learning lessons

The Design-CT project supports teachers of all grade levels and digital competences profiles become creators and designers of their own digital and blended learning lessons.

The Design-CT ecosystem offers a smart authoring tool supported with integrated didactical kits including, pedagogical templates, learning scenarios, apps, tools and resources to help teachers easily create their digital lessons and activities. The ecosystem offers design support and recommends learning content, so that teachers focus their time and effort on what they do best… guide their students’ learning journey.

Design-CT addresses the challenges of digitalisation of school education by delivering an innovative pedagogical and technical framework for digital school education and fostering teachers’ didactical and digital competencies.

The main difficulties in the transition from “traditional” to digital classroom are posed by the lack of teachers’ competencies and experience in planning, designing, and delivering digital classroom activities, as well as in selecting, and creating curriculum-based digital learning content. The workshop presented Teacher Training and Peer-to-Peer Training Programmes in order to foster teachers’ competencies, such as (1) design of digital lesson plans and activities, (2) selection of appropriate ready-to-use learning tools and content, (3) creation of curriculum-aligned digital content, (4) pedagogically sound use of learning, communication, and collaboration software, and (5) implementation, transfer, and dissemination of innovative pedagogical and technical approaches. Creative, collaborative, and reflective practices allow for deeper learning and a successful transfer of knowledge and tools into the daily teaching practice.

Design-CT fosters the strengthening the professional development and competency profile of teachers, by enabling them to become designers of digital lessons and learning resources. This ability is crucial in the times of COVID19 pandemic and beyond, as the trend of innovating and digitalising school education is ongoing.

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