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1 October 2020


Dr Stephanos Cherouvis

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RAYUELA: Empowering and educating young people for the internet by playing


The RAYUELA project aims to empower and educate young people (children and teenagers primarily) in the benefits, risks and threats intrinsically linked to the use of the Internet by playing, thus preventing and mitigating cybercriminal behaviour. The internet has become an integral part of children and young people’s lives. The increased time spent online is prompting questions about whether they are in control of their internet usage. RAYUELA’s main goal is to understand the drivers and human factors affecting certain relevant ways of cyber criminality, as well as empower and educate young people on them.

The project will develop and test a serious game as its main vehicle to educate young learners on cyber safety. RAYUELA’s serious game will be a multiplatform and multi-language unity game with interactive storylines. It will offer an immersive experience to young players, educating them on the importance of keeping safe online and acting as an enabler and amplifier of the preliminary findings on potential victims and offenders, in order to extract quality data to feed RAYUELA’s algorithms for detailed profiling and pattern identification. For more info, please visit https://www.rayuela-h2020.eu/.

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