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1 March 2021


Dr Stephanos Cherouvis

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SAILS: Safe & Autonomous Internet-based Learning Strategies


The current greatest health crisis has radically changed the way we relate to each other. Face-to-face interaction has been reduced massively and it is increasingly common to communicate, learn and teach through a screen.

In this rough sea, we aim to provide clear guidelines for “sailors” to deploy or retract their “sails” when necessary. The aim of this project is to provide students, teachers, schools leaders and families with tools to make appropriate decisions in learning, communication and socialising online.

The SAILS project will develop a fictitious social network in to order to explore potentially dangerous scenarios. This network will be used as a social sandbox where different automated profiles (social bots) will behave inappropriately and interact with fictitious profiles created by the students. Through the interaction with these social bots, we aim to empower students to understand which behaviors are inappropriate or unsafe. For more information visit:

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