TEACHER+ – “Developing Teachers’ Soft Skills

Istituto Comprensivo Pier Cironi

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1 September 2019


Thomas Fischer

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TEACHER+ – “Developing Teachers’ Soft Skills to enhance their Professionalism and Educational Performance and support Organisational Wellbeing at School


TEACHER+ is supporting the professional development of teachers by reinforcing their ability to communicate with others using a training programme that combines e-learning, microlearning and gaming. The project focuses on the issues of interpersonal communication, conflict management as well as of relationship and collaboration in three main areas:

  1. instructional (i.e. the relationship between teacher and student);
  2. participative (i.e. the communication between teacher and parents) and
  3. organisational (i.e. communication with the school management, colleagues and other school employees).

The activities of TEACHER+ include the design and implementation of an on-line training course for teachers, featuring a learning game to simulate practical teaching situations/scenarios and the drafting of guidelines for transferring the project products to Permanent Soft Skills School Laboratories, making these financially viable, involving stakeholders to verify the possibility of incorporating soft skills into the curriculum of teacher training courses in the medium to long term.

The project will train 300 teachers in Europe and will have an impact in terms of:

  1. improving the ability to communicate with others;
  2. development of reflective practices;
  3. improving the ability to respond assertively in stressful situations;
  4. improving the quality of the relationship with students and with their families;
  5. increase in self-esteem and confidence; and
  6. the possibility for more efficient communication in their daily work.

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