Open Schooling

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An open school is a more engaging environment for learning and makes a vital contribution to the community: student projects meet real needs in the community outside school and draw upon local expertise and experience. And finally: learning in and together with the real world creates more meaning and more motivation for learners and teachers.

Schools will be supported to make vital contributions to their communities, student projects will meet real needs, they will be presented publicly, and draw upon local expertise and experience.
The school environment will foster collaboration, mentoring, and will provide opportunities for learners to understand and interrogate their place in the world.

The Open School Model

The Open School Model provides school leaders of a powerful framework that can help them with transformation to an open school. This transformation can only take place if a school does not isolate itself, but opens up to other schools. Schools can form a hub together, in which schools help each other, collect good practices and share their experiences. Such an open and curious environment will support the development of innovative and creative educational activities. The model takes school settings into account and therefore ensures that school leaders can innovate in a way that is pleasant and suitable for schools.

The model proposes a process and this process starts with the Change Agents who are becoming Inspiring Leaders of the school community. The OSOS support mechanism offers different solutions in the phases towards an open school. It supports school leaders to capture the needed steps for innovation, but it also supports them to decide a suitable strategy to spread the word throughout the school. Constant reflection is part of the process.
More information about the Open Schooling Model and the OSOS support mechanisms can be found in the deliverables D2.1, D2.3 and D3.1. You can find these in the library of the OSOS web.


Open Schooling Roadmap

The Open Schooling Roadmap aims to integrate the information and guidelines for school heads and teachers who wish to integrate the Open Schooling Model to their schools. The roadmap can be perceived as an organizational change methodology, enabling the change agents (in this report the school heads and teachers) to introduce the innovative OSOS approach. It describes a recommended pathway of stages or phases, consisting of particular activities to work through in order to achieve lasting change.



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