The Important (Albeit Changing) Role of The Teacher

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Our societies depend on the activities of teachers. Identically, they are working to grow the basement of the students. No matter it is school, college or university, a qualified teacher is the builder of a student. Even a teacher on the special skills or technical courses is keeping role responsibilities on the societies. For this reason, the leader of tomorrow is created by a teacher. At the same time, if a teacher fails to discover the eternal power of a student, the student fails in his whole life. That means a teacher is the best mentor for a life of the student.

Teachers must exchange the “instructor” role for that of the coach of learning or in other words to “learning strategist” as the white paper from the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (Martinez et al., 2016) says. ESIA would like to support this process by presenting opportunities for new forms of teaching, and outlines strategies for how teachers’ roles and conditions can support and enable deeper learning for students. Teachers can successfully achieve a better, deeper learning with students when they “personalize learning experiences, apply real-world knowledge to learning, and use technology in a way that enhances and empowers student learning”.

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